A Graphic Novel


Created as part of the Culture in Quarantine, Filmed in Lockdown with BBC Arts, Airlock: A Graphic Novel is a series of three episodes that combine storytelling with animation and drawn environments. 

I play a woman seeking the source of the contagion that has destroyed humanity in The Only Ones and assistant directed on The Cosmonaut.

Night of the Living Dead - Remix


In 1968, Night of the Living Dead started out as a low-budget independent horror movie. The Remix will recreate the film shot-for-shot in a theatre space. 

I played Barbra in this co-production between imitating the dog and Leeds Playhouse. The show ran in Spring 2020.

More information can by found on the imitating the dog website.



Decision Makers2.jpg

In 2019 I performed my original theatre piece Decision Makers as part of Theatre Deli Scratch. The show is a futuristic dystopia exploring the UK benefits system, with a focus on the misogynistic structures within it.


The piece uses physical theatre, Commedia dell’Arte and storytelling to examine this social injustice.